Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to some commonly asked questions. This list is rather rudimentary at the moment, but rest assured it will be steadily growing.

1 What does Cryptoucan™ do?

Cryptoucan™ can create digital signatures of documents, images or the email messages you write. When someone sends you an encrypted file or email, you can decipher it only with Cryptoucan™.

2 How can I use it?

Follow the guides for your operating system on our front page. There are instructions for Ubuntu, macOS, and Windows available.

3 Does it support email encryption and signing?

Yes, it does!

4 Can I use it to sign and/or encrypt arbitrary files on my hard drive?

Yes, you can!

5 Do I need any Certificate Authority or other infrastructure to use Cryptoucan™?

No, you do not need any advanced infrastructure deployed. You can use it without any certificate infrastructure, alongside your current infrastructure or you can deploy web key directory to allow simple and fast discovery of new keys in your organization.

6 What is the default PIN on Cryptoucan™?

Both user PIN1 and administrator PIN3 are initially set to 12345678.