All the information about using Cryptoucan™ is provided in the form of simple guides. You can find the list of available guides for your platform below.

The latest software can be downloaded in the Downloads section.

You can also find commonly requested information in the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Linux Linux

Although Cryptoucan™ should work on any reasonably up-to-date Linux distribution, we do our testing mainly on Ubuntu right now. Our guides assume you can use Ubuntu for daily work. There is no need for deep technical knowledge to follow our usage instructions.

macOS macOS

With the latest macOS and a bit of brew(ing) skills, Cryptoucan™ is easy to install and use. Our documentation will guide you through the installation and usage process - but you are probably already familiar with many things we describe there.

Windows Windows

It is really easy to use Cryptoucan™ on the Windows platform after you have installed the required software. You can find the software in the download section and the instructions for many possible scenarios in this Cryptoucan™ on Windows section.