What is Cryptoucan™?

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Cryptoucan™ is invaluable to anyone who needs secure communication and easy authentication. Is is a state-of-the-art device designed for creating and using cryptographic keys. Being equipped with modern cryptographic technology built upon Ed25519 and X25519 elliptic curves based standards, Cryptoucan™ provides the highest possible protection while being extremely easy to use at the same time.

Cryptoucan™ is intended for heavy-duty use. It is waterproof, resistant to damage and hacker attacks. Read the included instructions before using the product. Only use Cryptoucan™ as described in these instructions.

Getting started

Do you already have a Cryptoucan™, but don't know where to start? We have prepared step-by-step guides for you! Select your operating system and follow our guides for basic workflows.

Linux Linux

Although Cryptoucan™ should work on any reasonably up-to-date Linux distribution, we do our testing mainly on Ubuntu right now. Our guides assume you can use Ubuntu for daily work. There is no need for deep technical knowledge to follow our usage instructions.

macOS macOS

With the latest macOS and a bit of brew(ing) skills, Cryptoucan™ is easy to install and use. Our documentation will guide you through the installation and usage process - but you are probably already familiar with many things we describe there.

Windows Windows

It is really easy to use Cryptoucan™ on the Windows platform after you have installed the required software. You can find the software in the download section and the instructions for many possible scenarios in this Cryptoucan™ on Windows section.